What light through yonder window breaks? // LTCO

We are nearly through August and our calendars are telling us winter is coming to an end and spring will soon be here!
For some sun worshippers this change of seasons could not come soon enough, but we at LTCO think winter has been pretty kind to us really, a welcome break from the subtropical heat and humidity we bask in for the majority of the year here in magical Byron Bay.
But it's time for the warm sunshine to start shining in our lives again.
We ve been dreaming lately of far off adventures in distant lands, of holidays yet to be taken and places yet to visit, because spring is the perfect time to hop back into planning mode and get ourselves organised.


 In our musings we came across the beautiful Windows of the World photography series by Portuguese photographer Andre Vincente Goncalves. Inspired by the colour and variety we've decided we want to go to Europe and wander through the streets of Paris, marvel at the eclectic designs of Gaudi in Barcelona, punt on a gondola in Venice, who else is with us?
Goncalves' photographs make us think of blossoming romance, of dreams and longing, and even recreating our own 'Romeo and Juliet' moment at Casa di Giulietta in Verona; trust us, there's magic in the air in Italy.
We can pass endless time gazing out of windows daydreaming, but now it's time to get things done. Think spontaneity, think epic romance, think European travels and tales of adventure. 

But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? 



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