Make Me Your Own // LTCO

"Crafternoons" have for some time now been the choice way to spend a day with friends for many of our peers, no longer considered just child's play but heralded as a way to de-stress, be mindful, and simply relax and refocus our over-worked brains.

Perhaps you're looking after the little ones, or babysitting for a friend, engage their minds with something creative and you'll be surprised how much fun you all have.
Us girls at LTCO have some very happy memories of days spent with our paint and paintbrushes, crayons and paper, doodling colourful and imaginative art to be displayed with pride across the house.
It is with this memory in mind that our hearts were captured by the adorable DIY Doll set from Sir/Madam.
Made with 100% cotton, the blank artistic design is simple and cute, with it's own little watercolour paint palette too.
Whether artistic flair leans towards realism or abstract, stripes and polka dots, bold clashing colours or matching greens and blues, don't be afraid to let creativity run away with itself with yarn, glitter, and buttons.
The DIY doll would be a treasured gift for many, and a much loved doll for years to come.