La Dolce Vita // LTCO

I think we can all put our hands up to admit that we women aspire to feel fabulous on a near daily basis.
If you take a second to think about it, who doesn't want to feel fabulous every day? And why shouldn't we?

Happy, relaxed, attractive, and empowered, just a sprinkling of characteristics any fabulous female can possess.
We must remember to look after ourselves; sleep well, have a healthy lifestyle with a good balance between work and play, and think sensibly about what we eat and drink.
This in fact is and good place to start if you feel like you need a little boost in fabulousness, as we all benefit from drinking more water in our day to day lives.  
Tal Winter and Kate Cutler are the duo behind the very much sought after bkr water bottle collection, after coming to the realisation that intelligent, fashionable, cultured women such as themselves deserved better than the cheap, disposable, plastic water bottles they were using, they deserved something fabulous. Sharing a love for "La Dolce Vita", why should this not encompass all aspects of their lives, right down to the very water they drank on the go. 

The bkr water bottle is like the perfect tshirt - soft and easy, you absolutely can’t live without it.