Handy Hints // Flask Etiquette // LTCO

Flasks are a bit of an old-school accoutrement that have made a comeback, in a big way.

Between spiking drinks and taking swigs, flasks create a fun, secret, bonding-type vibe that will make you feel young again … and who doesn’t enjoy a little nostalgia?

Along with a look at our favourites available in store at the moment (the perfect gift for men of all ages, 18+ of course), check out our guide to Flask Etiquette below..

What is your poison?
Whiskeys or vodkas? It doesn’t really matter but be sure to stick to one liquor so as not to dilute the taste.

Keeping the flask inside your jacket pocket is ideal.
Or in the side pocket of your handbag, ladies. 

And most importantly, Care;
Clean your flask every two or three uses, for hygiene reasons. Don’t use soap! 
Pour vinegar inside and shake. Then rinse and leave with hot water overnight.
This will help to break down the alcohol – now you can change up the liquor of your choice.

Be sure to also get a flask funnel so you can fill up your flask with no chance of spillages.

The IZOLA flasks available in store have a wide variety of witty, entertaining sayings to choose from.