The cooler weather has definitely settled in and we girls at LTCO are slightly more inclined to stay indoors these days with a magazine and a big cup of something hot and delicious.
Our sofa has for too long been neglected in favour of beach towels and recliners out on the deck, and now its time to snuggle down amongst our cosy cushions and watch endless episodes of our favourite television shows. 

On days when it's grey, windy and wet, we've recently taken to turning our hand to a little creative expression. For some this might be sketching, or scrapbooking, for others it's playing music or painting.
You don't have to be amazing at your craft, what's important is that you enjoy it!
That's what we think anyway and a couple of our new products from TelegramCo have inspired a number of "crafternoons" when the bad weather outside really hasn't inspired us at all. 


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