"New York, New York, so good they named it twice..."

Fresh off the boat, all the way from NYC, we've recently received some brand new travels essential pieces from one of our favourite American brands Izola. Izola's founder Neil Rasmus set out to create a brand that brought attractive and simple design to everyday objects, with products that are stylish and functional. 
Adding to our very popular collection of hip flasks and bar accessories, pouches and dopp kits, toiletries and versatile soap dishes, we're delighted to include a new range of travel gear too!
We have a soft spot for New York City here at LTCO, and a couple of us girls are planning a little trip across the water before the year is out. With our eyes thoroughly glued on our new Izola range, it won't be long before we've decked ourselves out completely with one of everything.
We'll start by grabbing ourselves a canvas backpack ,a perfectly hip and functional carry-all made for slinging in all our bits and pieces. I don't know about you but we're quite attached to the more 'luxury' items in life these days, so wouldn't travel too far without our iPad tucked away with us too, safe and sound in a new iPad Case of course.
And last but not least, with our backpacks loaded with necessities to have close at hand, we head out the door with our luggage properly labelled with one of Izola's fun, and eye catching luggage tags.      


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