Beautiful Craft: Letterpress Printing // LTCO

A brief history of a beautiful craft...

Letterpress printing finds it's origins in the fifteenth century with Johann Gutenberg and his "screw press", a mechanism which continued to be used to publish works for the following 350 years with very few changes to the original design. As the primary method of widespread printing for the next five decades, it was not until the turn of the twentieth century that letterpress printing was overtaken by advances in offset printing, and the rise of computers as more advanced and commercial methods of publishing. 
But thankfully many artisan trades and craftsmanship have survived the test of time and it is with fondness that we treasure artistry such as letterpress printing. Favouring the more elegant and quality end product gained from using traditional methods of letterpress printing, the 1980s saw a revival of this charming process amongst small printing houses in a reaction against mainstream commercial ideals which had come to a head in this decade. 

Today letterpress printing is an eye-catching and sought after craftsmanship to be used in all manner of work, including wedding invitations, cards, gift tags, and packaging. The popularity of letterpress stationery has welcomed back the art of written correspondence, and encouraged us to put pen to paper and take a little time to be creative.
We at LTCO adore the sophisticated style of letterpress and it is no secret that we're partial to all stationery and finding that perfect card for a friend. 
Bespoke Letterpress is one of our favourite brands at the moment, and we've been reading up a little about their story. Not only are they print makers, but incredibly talented graphic designers, whose signature pieces are recognised both at home here in Australia, and overseas too. Moving from Brisbane to Sydney in 2013, Bespoke Letterpress have always taken much joy in bringing together stylish typography and subtle illustration to create an iconic product adored by many.

Have a browse in-store and online at our selection of Bespoke Letterpress prints, cards, and cute little gift tags.