Autumn Picnic // LTCO

The winds of change are starting to blow here in Byron Bay, friends are setting off to pastures new and we've found ourselves planning farewell breakfasts, coffee dates, and dinners left, right and centre.
We LTCO girls were delighted to be invited to a lovely picnic arranged by one of our friends.
The scene was set in the hinterland, a grassy corner of a field decked out with bunting, blankets, and picnic baskets.
Nestling down on comfy cushions, we dined on bread, cheese, and scones, and drank elderflower cordial and tea from thermos flasks.
We didn't let the lack of sunshine dampen our spirits.
On the contrary, we passed a lovely afternoon in the great outdoors without having to worry too much about the harsh hot sun.
We can't recommend the simple pleasures of a country picnic more, so pack your picnic basket and find a patch of green to set up camp on.
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