Extra, extra, read all about it!

We have recently received a new shipment of picture frames from the lovely people at Mint Home and Telegram Co that are available in-store and online now, and we just couldn't wait to tell you. 

We received the most darling party invitation this week through the post to LTCO, so pretty in fact we popped it straight from the noticeboard in-store to a frame in the office for all to see.
Bright vibrant colours, with gold embossed typography, the invite is cute and fun, and it makes us smile whenever we walk by. 
As a little nod to the big day itself, an invitation such as this hints to the colourful celebratory party atmosphere, and we're already bursting with anticipation.  

We at LTCO believe that we stock some of the cutest, most attractive cards and prints around and wanted to make it even easier for you guys to have a little piece of pretty art work framed on display at home.
So next time you buy a card for no one in particular, or maybe receive a kind note from a friend that is so beautifully worded that you just want to show it off, do!
Even get a little creative yourself, and put it in a frame, it's art.  






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