It should be known by all that us girls at LTCO have a bit of a sweet tooth. We're partial to a little something with our coffee, and most recently spent an entire weekend away at trade fairs in Sydney searching for new and exciting products for LTCO and dining solely on baked sugary goods.

We hold up our hands, it may be a problem with sugar that we have to address. So we're taking control of the situation and opting for more healthy snack options this week to beat the habit, and truthfully we're feeling a whole lot better for it. In store we are surrounded by lovely fruity inspiration, one of our favourites being the 'eat fruit' print by Lily Johannah Nicholson, which is so cute and dainty we find it hard to resist.

If you're looking for a little cute-y, fruity inspiration to help you step away from sugary treats, or maybe you just love fruit- who could blame you- here are a few of our most mouthwatering products to tempt your tastebuds. 





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