Time To Yourself // LTCO

We don't know about you but us girls at LTCO are always on the move, we're hurrying somewhere, and busying ourselves back and forth with that need to be 'doing' something, whatever that something may be.
This can be both productive and counter-productive; professionally, we like to get things done and complete a long list of 'things to do', so a non-stop attitude really is most efficient.
However, we're not very good at turning off.
When your phone is always on, and laptop within reach, it's hard to concentrate on a book, or a movie, or a one-on-one conversation with a friend.
With the weekend fast approaching, all of us at LTCO have decided to make a conscious effort to spend a set amount of time just being us, and we invite you to do the same, to take some time and just be. Shut out the world, turn off your phone, focus on yourself and have a little me time.