From conversations shared with customers here in-store at LTCO we are thrilled to hear glowing praise of the town we call home. 
Byron Bay: sunny, warm, relaxed and care free, for many a haven of health and happiness, a creative hub for music and art, a surf paradise and an endless blue sky. 
We were reminded by such shared conversations to look at our surroundings with more open eyes. When you spend time in one place long enough it becomes familiar to you, normal and ordinary. Sometimes it is only when something is pointed out to you that you notice it with fresh perspective.
So we're going to take some time to walk along the beach, or maybe head up to the hills in the hinterland, and we'll gaze out towards the ocean.
We invite you to do the same wherever you are, to go outdoors and stop for a minute to look around you. Just look at your surroundings and take it all in.
You may find you feel that awe and inspiration that first tugged at your heart and made you smile at the world.       





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