We've started to get that itch for travel here at LTCO.
Maybe it's symptomatic of this time of year, the new year has been and gone and we are now very much living in the year 2015. Schools are back, we're into the swing of things at work, and our weekly routine is well and truly in play. But now we want something to look forward to, before time slips by without us even noticing.
Where do the days go?
We're very fortunate here at LTCO, we live in paradise, and we love to share the beauty of this place with friends and family who to come to visit from afar.
But we like to explore the world too, we like to find new places of beauty. So we're looking for inspiration and we're taking it from all aspects of life, to help us plan our next holiday away. After all it is only February...2015 has really only just begun!



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