It's Giveaway Time!

Candles, candles, candles! It’s candle season and LTCO is giving away an amazing candle every month! This month we start with one of the Starfruit Candles from The Candle Library! With it’s alluring scent of the tropics and it’s exotic and juicy fragrance this candle is perfect for daydreaming when it’s cold and stormy.

To Enter simply follow these steps:

  • Firstly like our Page on Facebook
  • Secondly enter your name and email HERE

The winner will be announced via our Newsletter and on our Social Channels! 

Good luck!


Work It With Washi // LTCO

Sometimes it's the smallest of changes to your home or office that have the biggest impact. A bunch of fresh flowers is our go to treat essential here at LTCO, and a new candle to burn in the office of course to bring in a new season.
We've decided to attack the noticeboard and reorganise our thoughts, start from there and hope that this small action kicks start our productivity in the right direction. 

We have taken it upon ourselves to get a little arty and made a little mood board display of prints, postcards, and notes from colleagues using Washi Paper Tape as a means of attachment to the walls.
No need for frames, no nasty residue left on the surface, and it comes in so many fun colours we could go a little's our new favourite design accessory. 
We encourage you to get creative, grab a stack of different coloured tapes (we have a few available still in-store and online) and a make mood board of your own to display your plans, achievements and aspirations, or make a bold statement wall without having to crack out the paint brush, or wreck the walls of your rental! 


On The Road // LTCO

How is it nearly the end of the year already?
We've been so busy at LTCO that it's only dawned on us how many months have been and gone in 2015 and we've recently been asked our plans around Christmas. Hold your horses we say, why the hurry to wish time away? Christmas can wait, thank you very much, we're not there yet. 

All this talk of the time passing is making it pretty clear to us that we need to grab our suitcase and make a quick plan to have another adventure, if only to simply to remind ourselves to live life. We encourage you to follow our lead and get busy doing something, even if it's only a mini adventure or a spontaneous day away, be sure not to let time slip by without much note; carpe diem as soon as possible.